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As you know we’re working on our little-sister brand to Löwengrip. The idea is that it’s going to be budget friendly (everything around 100 kronor) and be sold in every day shops and brands. The respons has been incredible which is fun. It’s important to me to create a gentle brand even though it’s in the budge price class. Many of the brands you find in that range are made on the other side of the planet with ingredients that aren’t good for the skin or the environment, everything is in containers before it’s sent here to be sold. I’ve been struggling with eczema all my life and I have a daughter with the same problem, and it makes a huge different when you use good products. They shouldn’t have to be expensive.

But something didn’t feel right about the last design and the name suggestion LCC. That’s we chose to rename it LÖWE (pronounced Löv) – I love it! As you can see the products are like taken from the Cheesecake factory or Mr Cakes menu. I have so many fun marketing ideas for our launch. We’re talking about producing an ice cream with the same flavours together with a Swedish ice cream brand and have ice cream pop up bars around the galleria but in bigger chains. The possibilities are endless – as usual. But my weak side is lways hte design. Right now I@m struggling with the design ideas and it’s completely still. Please help me….:-)

Img 1066.jpg


Denna heter ”4”

Img 1069.jpg

Img 1072.jpg


Img 1071.jpg


Img 1070.jpg

.. And then number 8

Right now I’m leaning towards number seven. But I change my mind all the time. THe plan was to make me up my mind dring my NYC stay but that didn’t happen. Please make suggestions in the comments!




  1. Julia skriver:


    Är 28år, bor i Sthlm och jobbar inom MediaTech.

    Om serien är tänkt till Barn eller tonåringar kan jag förstå upplägget och tycker det är stämmer bra in. Är tanken att en förälder som själv använder ordinarie serien ska kunna välja produkterna även till sina barn känns det genuint.

    Om serien är tänkt till en äldre målgrupp, 25 > är det tveksamt överlag. Alldeles för starka och söta dofter som skulle konkurrera med en eventuell parfym. Troligen få kvinnor över 25år vill dofta glass eller choklad. Måste säga att även orginal-serien har något för stark doft, i alla fall i ansiktsserumet.

    I övrigt, superspännande med en budget-serie!

  2. Perhaps I am not in the target group (34 years, earn my own money, go for luxury and less is more) so please excuse my honest feedback. It’s in a good meaning and it’s only because you actually asked for it.
    To be honest.. None of them are working for me. The reasoning is
    A) it doesn’t fit with the overall brand. I don’t believe you (with your incredible class and style) would have the products and use them. Perhaps you will but my impression is that there is lack of brand consistency between your brand and this product line.
    B) I get the impression that you have focused on the “fun” part. Scents, colors etc. Skin care for me is not a toy. I take it seriously and I want it to work. Not that it needs to be boring but I cannot image me entering a steerco and smell like a cheese cake. I am not a child.

    In other words, the idea of having a more accessible product that everybody can effort is really good. But my recommendation is definitely to stick to the core values of your brand (Scandinavian, classic, luxury, etc)

    All the best,

  3. I would choose ”Designforslag 7” as it looks the cleanest of all versions, but instead of using a real photo in the background- change it with minimalistic outline drawing of the ”cake”. The photos in my opinion look a bit tacky.

  4. Lea skriver:

    I’d go for number 7, it’s clear and minimalistic design is really in trend so you maybe got reminded of löwengrip the ”big sister” witch is then also a marketing tool again. But it also is more swedish in my opinion as de swedish designs are also quite minimalistic. 🙂

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