Intense May

This morning I exercised with Pontus. We started a new kind of exercise with the bar, it’s a lot of fun. It was a very heavy session which I needed. Then I headed to the new office but the electricity wasn’t orking yet (!) so I got a text message from my assistant to say we were meeting at Haymarket instead. I’m going to be here to give a lecture about entrepreneurship for Norrsken so it’s not the end of the world.

Now it’s full speed ahead and planning everything we need to manage. There’s large commerciail filming tomorrow with an American company I often wear, next week I have a photo shoot for a cover of a big international magazine, I am giving a talk at Cirkus in Stockholm, a talk Oslo in front of a few thousand people and then I’m flying to London for a few meetings. The week after eight people from my team (and the kids) are flying to Cannes for an events and red carpet. Without private flights, nothing would be possible to piece together. May is always a bit complicated and intense but now it’s a bit extrem because a lot of things are taking off and that’s how it is sometimes…:-)

  1. Anna skriver:

    Always wonderful to workout!

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