Miso Aubergine

The kids played in their den when we got home today. They usually build one in the living room. Then we had a delicious dinner cooked by Anna. Sally and Gillis had curry with rice. Chicken for Sally and quorn for Gillis. Lovisa and I had miso aubergine with lots of delicious extras.


The kids are trying algae crisps, top scores!

Miso aubergine, black rice, water chestnut, soya beans, carrots in a super yummy dressing. Oh my god how delicious food can make you happy. After that the kids continued playing in the den and Lovisa and I planned for May. It’s always my most intense month work wise so we have to puzzle a lot. I have a few day’s of work in Cannes when I have the kids, so we decided to spend a few days there together for a holiday. Sally has a birthday party for friends on Saturday, even though her birthday was last week. The kids always get to wish what they want to do for their birthdays. Gillis celebrated his at Bounce which was popular ans Sally wants to spend hers at a playland with Elsa as a guest. Can you imagine she is still going strong

Around 6PM we watched a movie upstairs. Tangled is really popular right now. I actually fell asleep next to Sally for a bit. I tucked the kids into bed at 7PM and they fell sleep immediately. I’m going to have a bath and a telephone meeting with Pingis. Tomorrow we are moving into the new office! Yay!

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