We are moving on Thursday

I had almost forgotten we are moving offices on Thursdya. We signed the contract with the new galleria a long time ago and the moving date has always changed, which is often the way with renovations. But on Thursday our four companies are moving and will be working under the same roof. So much fun. 600 squared meters and next to the Galleria on the second floor. It’s a fun phase we are in, this morning I asked my assistent to update my email, now it’s not just an office address that needs changing but we need to add the NYC office too. Such fun! My schedule for the next NYC trip is already full with meetings. On Friday I’m making my first international campaign and you’ll find out what company it is then. But it’s a good start for the USA establishment. Another fun thing is that my new CSR manager has been hired and we met this morning. You’ll find out more about her later.

Today’s look ahead of Copenhagen.

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