Home at Lidingö

Despite a layover in Munich and a delay from there I made it on time. I landed at Arlanda around 3.15 PM, got picked up as always but chose to leave without my bags because I didn’t have time to wait for them in afternoon traffic. We got to work that out later. I was at nursery at 4PM and I’ve definitely looked more awake after a night with several stops but luckily the kids don’t care. I got a hug from Gillis who will be with me tomorrow (he always has an extra dad-day) and Sally picked up the drawings they made and we went to the house.

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It was so cozy to come home to Lovisa and Anna. Anna had made salmon for me and Sally. Sally got pesto with hers and pasta and I had tandori spiced salmon with a mango/avocado salsa and lime and coriandor mayo. Always delicious. Then we had a quiet evening at home, I got a manicure and pedicure and Sally sat next to me and her nails done too. Home-spa!

Tommorrow I have a day with droppng off the kids and a work day in Copenhagen. Never a still moment. But I love my job and I’m making the most of my energy. I know it’s not sustainable forever but I might as well make the most of it while I’m young. I’ve been living like this for nearly half my life and I know where my limits are and I’m really good at keeping them. Nobody touches my exercise and recovery is always booked into the calendar. Get up and go.

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