No worry

Good morning from NYC!

I woke up happy and excited to start the day. I’ve had time to exercise and have a large breakfast. That’s my trick to manage intense day, If my stomach starts rumbling around eleven I begin to lose focus. I meed the exercise to keep the stress level down.
Something I’ve gotten good at over the years is to mot get stressed out over things I can’t control. Like the SAS strike. I would never waste my energy over being worried about my trip back on Sunday. I know I’ll get home one way or another. If you try to control everything around us you will break down. It’s better to look at life like a set of waves, different challenges and situations appear constantly and always will.It’s better to just float along. You save energy ans have time to focus on important things,

Everything works out in the end.

The suite at The Mark, I get opportunities to experience beautiful places. I’ll talk to you later!

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