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In Collaboration with Clarins

A few weeks ago we had an event with Clarins and got to try out their spring news. Clarins is a makeup brand that has been following me for the past ten years. Iremember when I got my first lipgloss from Clarins, it felt huge. Even back then I was proud to use the brand. It was a perfect go-to product. Since then I always have their lipgloss in my bag. Even though Emelie uses other things on my lips she always puts lipgloss on top for a bit of extra shine.

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Lipgloss, primer, lipoil från Clarins


Even though it’s a classic it’s fun with new stock. One of the spring news is Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer. It’s like a mix between lipstick and lipgloss. It has more pigmentation than normal lipgloss but still a lovely shine. My favourite shade is ”Soft Berry”. It’s easy to apply when you’re on the go because it’s not so sticky and there are lots of shades for all skin tones. And  Juli Rouge Lip Lacquer is nurturing and who doesn’t like that?

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The event was held at Hotel Diplomat, one of my favourite hotels
To get the perfect shade with foundation, Emelie mixes different ones to create one that suits me perfrctly. Like I’ve mentiined before, I use  Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation   for a long time and I’m happy. It’s so smooth a lovely on the skin. Emelie mixes the shades 108 Sand, 110 Honey and 115 Cognac. It makes a wonderful base with their foundation.

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Glowstick with highlighter and rouge and foundation from Clarins

Här är en härlig film vi gjorde för att summera eventet med Clarins! Har ni några Clarins favoriter?

In Collaboration with  Clarins

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