We celebrated yesterda! Charlotte, myself, Sascha and Emelie had dinner at Restaurant Manhatta. Isolina suggested it. It’s such a luxury to have a cousin here who always knows the best places. My ears got a bit blocked on the 60th floor for a few minutes when we arrived. They gave us the best corner table and we had the coziest and encouraging dinner together.

Risotto, lobster, fish and all desserts on the menu (as always). Divine.

I felt so happy when I got home and went to bed. The gratefulness list I go through each evening was twice as long.

Today I have a Founder breakfast at the new office, a bit of work from there and a day full with meetings (the Max Mara group, which is fun) and tonight I’m giving a talk at an event hosted by Barbro Ehnbom, and then I have a dinner with her. It’ll be a long but a good Thursday …:-)

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