Office in NYC

Today was a huge day for Löwengrip Invest – we got our own office in NYC! SACCNY (Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce) have started something called Gateway. It’s an office where Swedish companies can become more established in NYC. Childhood and Maria NIla have office spaces there and today I saw the podtaxi Bzzt in the corridor. It’s a fantastically modern initiative by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in NY. I’m so proud to start my USA establishment with them.

Charlotte and I this morning on our way there. The office is on 55th street. Perfect location.

Gateway are helping us get more established in the USA. It’s a particular type of admin, legality and paperwork. The goal is to make sure us entrepreneurs have more time to keep working 🙂

Just before everything was signed…

…And I got an access card!

The office spaces are SO lovely. Decorated in a Swedish way, view from 20th floor amd there’s a large gym Casall has decorated. Perfect.

Goal – Check!

View from the desk. I have goosebumps. Next up: move parts of the team so they can live here full time..:-) let’s go!

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