Towards NYC

And we’re almost on our way. This trip is a milestone in my career. Travel with my sales manager Charlotte and meet international giants for my social media platforms is huge. Having an office address in NYC is also huge. Then I also have interviews, several meetings and I’ll also be giving a lecture. I’ll be working until Friday and then I’m here alone at the weekend. Isolina is coming back to NYC so I’m looking forward to spending time with her. I have one dinner and one event but other than that I will just be writing. NYC is my happy place and place for playfulness and inspiration where I can do things that i can’t in Sweden. But also a place for recovery. Sneakers, pony tails, eating alone but also late nights and wonderful bars.

I’m looking forward to showing the kids USA. I’m pretty sure Sally will adore this city. She’s a lot like me. Sweden sometimes felt like there was too much going on (no kidding haha) and that’s when you need change and spread your wings. I need a lot of space to be comfortable.

I fly in comfortable clothes. Knitted jumper, tights and Flattered. I’ll talk to you later.

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