Kolmården = heroes

The kids and I woke up at 8am. We had made plans to meet Lovisa at ten so we reated for a bit and then went to the Lamps for breakfast. Breakfast is so important to me and I get so happy when there’s a lot of delicious things to eat and the breakfast at the Lamps was amazing!

…I had scrambled eggs, bread with keso, salmon and soured onions and overnight oats.

The kids got their favourite hotel food which is nutella on toast (if you promise to eat things with more colour, Sally chose red and green). The kids have inherited my passion for breakfast so we ate for an hour.

We arrived at Kolmården around eleven and started with a visit to Bamse, which was very popular.

We got to meet Bamse himself. Afterwards we had to hurry and I heard myself say loudly ”Sally and Gillis! We have to hurry to our meerkat date”. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say in my life.

Here we are on our meerkat date. It was wonderful. The kids loved it and the staff were so patient with all their questions. I was so fascinated by how the meerkat clan always have someone on the lookout and completely trust that meerkat while the rest of the clan relax.

After the meerkats we saw a dolphin show! We’ve seen it before and I was so touched when the kids said ”Mommy, that’s why you can’t throw plastic into the ocean. Because the dolphins live there.” I belive that allowing kids (and adults) get close to animals is the only way to create a relationship that makes them care about animals and nature. I’ve always donated large amounts of money to causes that help humans and children. But I’ve never really done the same for animals because the connection hasn’t been there. But when I heard about how Swedish dolphins are affected by the ocean pollution and how many species are disappearing around the world, it really made me think about how I can help. I thought that it can be a project for me to have with Gillis. He really loves animals.. I am so impressed by how Kolmården help save endangered species.

Lovely encounters with beautiful animals. I’ll repeat myself now, but this is the best way to inspire Gillis and Sally to take care of animals. Gillis was so proud to be vegetarian. Very cute. We got home very late but it was worth it. A fantastic day with passionate people. When we arrived back to Lidingö, I dropped the kids back at Odd’s and went home to work. I usually feel it’s okay to leave the kids with their dad after a week because I can catch up on sleep. But because it’s been Easter holiday and we’ve had a lot of time together I felt quite sad. I miss them so much my heart aches.

I have a week in NYC from tomorrow with my team. It’ll be a good rescue – getting back into work mode. Hopefully Löwengrip Invest will sign our first desk over there! Huge! The next long term project will be looking for accommodation. I’ve been thinking about Manhattan during my weeks there since December. I think I’ve finally decided which part I’d like to live in. …. 🙂

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