Tampons on the stock market

In collaboration with Ellen

Today, we’re living in a society when just about everyone is ready to criticise everything. We criticise content and method and how it impacts the environment. We’re a society of customers with very high and particular standards, which is grea. Customers with high standards are the only way to change a company’s mindset, so if you think something is wrong, please say it loud.

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I am very grateful for shining a light on companies who are doing meaningful work, Ellen is one of them. They offer a range of intimate body products, everything from tampons to creams. They also have a range of cleansing products that arr gentle for the genitals. Their products containing lactic acid help the body keep the PH levels. Today, it feels like all the taboo around menstruation and other problems women struggle with is going away. It feels modern and totally right.

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We had a lot of fun when we took these photos. It shows that no day is like the other for us. One day we arw trying to come up with a strong concept for a tampon campaign and the next we are working with exclusive fashion brands, it’s the variation that makes it exciting and fun!

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Living in an era where customees are aware and have done their research, it’s important to put pressure on companies. I reach out to so many people who want to do the right thing and make a change. In the same way a whole food culture has been questioned, body products are as well. It’s so awesome that Ellen are doing what they do. As someone who has been runnning companies for many years I think it’s fun and important that tampons are on the stock market

In collaboration with Ellen

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