Sally four years old

Oh! What a successful and cozy birthday for Sally. At 8 o’clock this morning we had cake and sang happy birthday:0

She got a classic Barbiecake!

Opening presents in bed!

More presents were waiting downstairs cykel (adlink) as it’s a big day after all. dagen till ära. She has only had one other bike before with support and this is a normal bike. Lovisa has decorated everything so beautifully with balloons, She’s incredible.


The cake was a success, Sally adored it!

The bike and this doll (adlink) was the highlight of the morning. Sally also got lots of clothes for the doll.

We were already out of the house by half past nine. We took the bike for a premier ride to the watee and had snacks outside. We got back just before midday and had waffles for lunch.

After lunch a newly turned four year old and a 28 year old mom fell asleep to recharge the batteries. The four year old was exhausted and needed to rest before the party with the relatives. I’ve been going on five hours sleep since Monday due to heavy workloads so I needed a nap. ;y body has learned to recharge when I have ti,r off. I get more tired and fall asleep easier. It’s good because it means recovery isn’t a challenge.

We then set the table for all the birthday food and cake and waited for dad, grandparents, step-grandpa, uncle and auntie. We ate Sally’s birthday cake, chocolate mousse cake from Gateau amd a raw snickers cake (only natural ingredients). I’m totally hooked on it and have been for a while now. I love the snickers cake from Reload but the one Anna makes is better. Unsweetened and a combination of peanut butter, dark chocolate and seasalt which is delicious.

It was such a lovely day, the kids always love when Odd and I spend time together. Sally’s dress is from here (adlink).

We were actually supposed to have dinner at a restaurant but the kids changed their minds in the car so we went back home. Sally wanted Yakitori instead so we brought dinner with us home. Weeent to COOP and bought Friday snacks, Sally chose truffle salami and Gillis wanted French farm cheese (they always get the same thing). When we got home we ate sashimi/yakitori/tofu and then we put on pyjamas and went upstairs to the tv room and watched Rock Dog. While I’m typing tbis, the kids are eating cheese and truffle while I also go through my emails. Haven’t looked since yesterday.

Stuffed from food and happy. I’m just bout to tuck the kids into bed but there’s no pressure. Having them stay up later is cozy when it’s school holidays. Sally is so happy after today and finally turning four years old and Gillis is all excited after loosing his first tooth. The tooth fairy and Easter bunny will be busy tomorrow.

I’m so grateful that Lovisa was ready with a coin earlier in the week when we knew the tooth was on its way to fall off, I cam’t remember the last time I saw Swedish coins.

Happy Good Friday!

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