Playing outside in the evening

Finally Easter Holiday!I know I usually work after my own hours, I can take a lot of time off but I’m really never off. Yet I still have as much Easter holiday as my kids. It’s really nice to have a few days off and spend time with the kids. We’ll be having birthday parties, cozy times and a visit to the zoo. Wonderful.


After today’s I went to Broms to write and have lunch…

…After two efficient hours I finally finished for the day. I simply couldn’t write more words and coffee would just make me shaky. By the way, the skin creme you see is new Löwengrip and will be launched in May. It has UV protection which is really good.

I went home and changed clothes. It was such lovely weather that I decided to have the conference calls outside. Anna was home to help us with food, she’s preparing tonight’s fantastic dinner and made a few raw snickers cake for weekend dessert. She is making Sally the most amazing Barbie cake tomorrow and we’re preparing with a chocolate mousse cake from Gateau for all guests but I wanted to add a raw snickers cake. I’ll be eating that ll day.

I had a walk in the sun and blocked things off with the colleagues. I have a busy week in NYC next week. I got o happy when I saw the boat taxi. I love living near nature.

Justina came over afterwards and did my nails. I have the same red shade I’ve been wearing for months but I changed to a neutral colour today. I get a few questions about my rings and no I’m not engaged (and it’s also on my right hand). I just happen to like diamonds. It’s a present for myself. I mix jewellery from Emgelbert and A.P Shaps.

Tonight’s dinner beat all records! I love when daily life holds a high standard, because why not. Tonight Lovisa and I ate asparagus bonanza egg boiled at 64% degrees and caviar. The kids had pizza that Anna made from scratch.

When dinner at home beats every restaurant!

I tried on my exercise skirt from Lululemon. I don’t play tennis but I couldn’t help but to buy it. Perfect for walks, it has shorts underneath. By the way, it’s a lot of fun to see so many muscles on my body.

When it was 6PM we still had a lot of energy so we decided to go out and play.

I’ve always played outside a lot with Sally and Gillis over the years. Almost all evenings as soonas it gets a bit lighter and warmer. I love the time we spend outside playing. The kids are winding down in front of a film so I figured I’d update you guys. But now it’s time to tuck them into bed, I’llsee if Sally will be able to sleep. Kt’s a big day for her tomorrow….:-)

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