Ideas for our outdoor-area

In collaboration with Ellos

As you’ve probably realized, there’s still a lot of building work happening in the backyard. The kids find it really exciting with all machines and building work. The outdoor area itself won’t be completely finished until the middle of summer. Ida has been helping me ordering furniture which will be delivered by then as well. We thought we’d split up the outdoor space in different furniture group. There’ll be a part with sunbathing chairs, a food group, a sofa group and a cozy corner. Because the space is so big and has different levels it feels fitting to split it up into different groups. That way, there’ll always be space to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Can you imagine that I’ll soon be able to read under a parasol while looking out over the pool, what a lovely idyll. And when the weather is bad I’ll be sitting on the sofa, pull the curtains and just look at our outdoor space.


Ellos uteplats-page-001

This is where you can find the flower pot, parasol, sunbed  cushion and mini table from Ellos. We’ll have three so I can have one and the kids can have one each. I made a collage for the blog because everything isn’t suitable for photos yet. The other furniture we ordered will take such a long time to be delivered that it was so perfect Ellos could get these here quickly! Even though the outdoor space isn’t finished yet we can still hang out there and enjoy the sunshine as quick as possible. Everything else will have to take its time. I can’t wait to have my morning coffee outside and have the friends over for a pool party!

In collaboration with Ellos

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