You need a whole team

It was so cozy to pick up two kids today. The first thing we did was have a look at the pool area where they were doing explosive work. I thought about the fact that I would never get my life together without my home team. I mean, sorting out the building work, all permissions, and answer all questions in person. I wouldn’t be able to do the pool project without their help. Besides that, the house needs to be decorated for Easter, buying easter eggs, draw treasure maps, buy easter crafts for the kids. Sally is turning four on easter Friday but we’re having the party two weeks before because of the holiday. We need presents and preparing candles and breakfast for a party with relatives around 2PM. Setting the table for aunts, uncles, grandparents, dad Odd. We need to book in an ”Elsa” for the playland and send out invites for Sally’s classmates.

This weekend, wewe need the fridge filled with everything we love (we eat at least 3-4 packets of berries every day, which we all love), healthy food that’s been prepared and cooked from scratch for three different people with preferences, washed clothes, clean bedding, the kids easter craft, helmets and bikes sr the ready. Then my bag (sorry bags) need to be packed for NYC, fijd my passport, clean the house every day and fill the cars with petrol. The list is endless and barely possible for two people to manage.

Plus a chef for two hours.

I could NEVER manage all of the above and still build my companies with a 50% expansion rate each year with 70 employees over four companies when I have two kids I prioritise quality time with. My life simply wouldn’t work out and there would be no energy. I am so grateful for Ida and Lovisa who work in the house, Anna who helps us and the security team around us and help with transportation to keep us safe with all the strange types coming and going (it’s daily life for us, new ”errands” every week, like today). Investing in the help has been worth every single penny and it’s contributed to so much more. The concept works.

Two curious children…


Tonight’s post came latee than usual. I had a long telephone meeting beforehand. I had to tuck the kids in twice so I didn’t start work until 9.30PM (I want to do the tucking-in because it’s important and cozy for me), I have a bit of work left tonight but that’s okay. It’s almost time for Easter holidays so i’m making the most of the evenings at home. This is why the home team is so important. – if I can delegate tasks then I xan make time for being a mom (picking up, dropping off, bedtime, and having quality time between 4.30 and 7.30) and have the energy to spend the remaining hours working. If I was too tired to work from 8PM to 11PM I wouldn’t be able to keep my pace up. I’ve spent most of my evenings working since I was 16 years old and it’s the extra hours I’ve spent working that’s made me come so far for only being the 28 years old. But as you know, I’m far from done and that’s why I’m goong the extra mile and outsource what I can while I keep my pace and it’s fun ….:-)

To succeed globally means that everyone needs to make an effort, not just for me but for ALL colleagues and home team, we’ve spent a long time working towards a Tipping Point and we’re getting there. It’s an exciting phase for us right now. Aahhh!

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