Time for international contracts

Today has been really hectic but fun. It’s my last day at the office before Easter so there was a lot to do. It’s Easter Thursday tomorrow and most people have taken time off and I’ll be spending the day writing. Then it’s the Easter holiday and starting Tuesday, I have a week in NYC. It feels huge to get a desk at Gateway, it’s a startup office created by SACC. I was there last December which you might remember. Our sales manager Charlotte and I have decided to take it to the next step and book meetings in NYC, for the sake of collaborations/ambassadorship with larger international companies. We’re meeting with different agents, large premium clothing brands, hotel chains, SPAs and a gym chain I like.

It’s so exciting.

My goal is to have 80% foreign customers on my social media platforms and 20% Swedish. There are a few Swedish companies I have been working with for a while now that I want to keep. It’s always about the team in the end and having fun when you work together. Signing contracts with big international brands take time but I like challenges. When something is to easy I need to raise the bar. I always tell my team that it has to feel right in the gut.

When I get home from NYC we’ll be moving into our new office at Gallerian. We can’t wait! 900 squared meter for the whole company group. It’ll be amazing. 600 sqm for the office and 300sqm for the shop and all our brands. Everything wall to wall. We’ll also have a studio for Löwengrip, Hermine Hold and for Sascha so she can be creative and I’ll have my own wardrobe and makeup room.

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The weather was so good today that part of Löwengrip Invest had lunch at Sturehof’s outdoor area. Simn is leaving us in May which isn’t far away. I will take over his role until our new CEO starts (our HR manager Gunilla has booked in 8 interviews with promising candidates next week. I’ve become more operative everywhere over the past week because of this but it’s been so much fun that I’ve chosen to keep it like that from now on. But I’ll be getting support from the CEO for finance and budget. Sometimes it’s good when the owner is thrown back into the organisation. It strengthens the whole team.

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Toyday’s outfit, dress from Ida Sjöstedt

Just after 4PM, the kids and I got lots of beautiful decorations for Easter. We went home and our doctor came by to have a look at Sally’s eczema that never really went away. The advice we got was to just keep using cream. The most important thing was that Sally got to hear it from the doctor, we have a lot of discussions about using the cream. After that we ate, had a bath and looked at photos of thr boat we’ll get soon. Lots of fun. It’s almost time for bed and thrn afterwards I have a few telephone meetings.

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