Stressful Tuesday

Both Sally and I were awake for a while last night. I don’t know why, I tried to say ghat we should be quiet but then I realized we were staring into the ceiling so I decided to break the pattern and get up for a while. It was around 1AM when we got up, drank some water, sat and talked and then went upstairs to try again. It worked.

I started today with an exercise session with Pontus. Right now, I’m working with 37 kilo in bench press. It’s a fantastic feeling. After that I’ve several meetings in a row. Pretty stressful and I’ve forgotten to breathe with my gut but that’s how it is some days. I’m also convinced that the exercise is helping me manage days like today.

Today’s look! The jumper is from Busnel and the skirt from Other Stories. Sometimes, wearing a pony tail, especially with a HH scarf, is lovely. Now I have an appointment with my therapist, a telephone meeting with Hermine Hold and then picking up the kids. I’ve missed Gillis so much my heart is aching today. The day I get to see the kids is always the one that hurts the most. Maybe it’s because when it’s the first time you see them in a while, it’s easier to miss them. I’ll write more tonight after bedtime.

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