Wanted: a painting

The other day, Ida and I realized we are looking for a painting to hang on the wall between the guest bathroom and kitchen. We’re lucky to have amazing photography art everywhere in the hiuse, but we want something different for this space. Hmm.

…This wall! The measurements are 120×120. I came up with the idea to ask you guys, because I believe I have talented photographers/artists/creatives who are following me. You probably have photographs that could fit my home, or an idea for something you can create. Please email ida@lowengripinvest.se. A lot of international magazines are going to photograph the house when the outdoor building work is done so it’s a great opportuinity to be noticed. I love giving talented people the chance to shine so I think I’ll have a different painting on the wall each year to showcase a nee photographer/artist. Anyway, it’ll be lots of fun.

The ABBA museum gave me this painting. It’s my favourite piece in the entire house. Now I’m off to meetings, filming and then a week with the kids. Finally!

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