Coffee tasting & beetroot-tarts

What a start to the week! I got up at 6AM and went to exercise. After that I went to the office where Emelie was waiting to get me ready and block off the calendar with colleagues. At 1PM, the team went back to my house for a coffee tasting session with Lavazza. They are my new collaboration partners which will be fun. I learnt everything about coffee in about two hours. We did a blind test and I scored 8/10 which was pretty good according to them. I’m a competitive person and I hate it when I don’t get everything right/don’t win.

But I still have to tell you that if you’ve created scents for Löwengrip for nearly six years, you learn a lot. One of my best experiences was when Löwengrip (then LCC) made a perfume with Pierre Wulff. Working with professionals was so insightful. I’m the one who picks every scent for
Löwengrip today. It’s my biggest passion. The best scent I chose was our Sea Salt Spray. Heavenly. It smells like a teenage boyfriend, that’s my best way to describe it.

Right now, I’m hooked on different scent combinations of luxurious pineapple which you’ll see more of later …:-)

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We took photos for Lavazza today. Hasn’t Emelie made my hair absolutely gorgeous?It’s actually a bit curly today. I used Löwengrip’s styling/protein Shampoo and Conditioner beforehand. It makes the hair more stable and builds up the strands.

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My whole home smelled of delicious freshly brewed coffee. I suggested that maybe Lavazza should create a coffee scented candle. I would love that.

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There’s something about freshly bruised coffee that makes me happy. Scent is memories. Safety?

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Pause knitted anddress from Ellos (adlink).

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I picked up Sally from nursery (Gillis always gets an extra dad-day) and when we got home we had an incredible meal. You can see this week’s food menu if you want some inspiration from Chef Anna (you can find her on my instastory).

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Beetroot tarts!

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…With chevre-cream and roasted hazelnuts. It was one of the best meals in a long time. I couldn’t help but to taste one of Sally’s salmon fillet. Fresh salmon is one of my favourite things. Yum. The other day, Anna made miso-salmon for dinner and it had been marinated in miso for two days. She had ”borriwed” the recipe from the restaurant chain Nobu. I will never again need a man when I have Anna? He he…

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After dinner Sally facetimed with Pimgis. Sally adores her and thinks Pingis is the coolest person ever. She’s also looking forward to meeting the new baby. Sally has taken on a role as big sister. It’s lovely.

I have some work to do now, big hugs!

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