A beauty hack that works

In collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab

Beauty and appearance is super important to me, and I’m actually not ashamed to say it. But I have a lot of pre-requisites against me. My daily life is full of stress and work, and I’m often living in different time zones all the time which makes my food consumption a bit irregular. Then add the fact that I’m a mom to two toddlers -it’s tough to always be on top!

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My rescue is long term routines that aren’t complicated and don’t take too long. The most important thing you can do is drink water, it’s my best free advice many forget. Cleaning your face every day is also really important. But you might still need help even with these routines and that’s where Oslo Skin Labs come in.

I love having facial treatments and I’ve always had comments about how stressed out my skin looks because of my hectic lifestyle, which is true. Since I started using Oslo Skin Labs, those closest to me and my dermatologist have said my skin looks so much better. It has a totally different shine. The collagen really adds more elacistity to the skin, it’s smoother and minimises wrinkles and cellulite. According to research, Oslo Skin Labs reduces wrinkles in depth with 20% in just eight weeks.

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For my sake, it’s about finding routines that aren’t complicated for a mom or entrepreneur with a constantly booked calendar. Oslo Skin Lab’s the Solution arrives in small portion sachets which I carry in my purse. Wherever I am in the world, I can always take my daily dose of The Solution. They’re really easy to open and you only need a bit of yogurt, juice, berries or just a glass of water at the hotel. I also have vitamins at home, but the jars are too troublesome to carry around everywhere.

Oslo Skin Labs have successfully created a life hack really works, I feel pretty without complication. It’s so cool to see the results, my wrinkles and cellulite have reduced significantly, since I started ca 20 weeks despite my daily stress. The Solution is the best and easiest way to keep a healthy appearance . I’m so grateful for these simple, creative, easy and good solutions – I’ll never stop!

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Right now, you still have the opportunity to try it with a great offer, 65% off the first package. When you register as a member with Oslo Skin Lab you get refills delivered to your house and 30% each delivery. Click here for Sweden, Norway, Danmark or Finland.

In Collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab

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