Pink sky and Miss Clara with my BFF

I’ve had an amazing Sunday. One of those Sunday when it’s perfect that the kids are with their dad. I got up at half past seven, showered and made myself breakfast. This morning I ate vanilla quark with raspberries and blueberries and lots of leftover chocolate/coconut granola. And coffee of course. Afterwards I sat down to write a page. It doesn’t sound like much but if I write 1-2 pages per day I am on track with my timeframe.

It’s so cosy to have a shower and then jump into a cashmere set from Andiata. I played Pink Sky on repeat all morning. So good.

Afterwards I went for a walk in the woods, I’m writing some heavy words so I almost had a moment of losing oxygen at home. I opened up all windows, took a breath and decided to change clothes and head out. When I got back from my walk, I looked at the terrace and building work going on. I’m looking forward to the new spring furniture arriving.

Around midday, I had brunch with my best friend. We ate at Miss Clara. Emelie, who helps me get ready every day, suggested it and the food was so delicious.

We shared a chèvre-omelette and a plate each with pancakes. I scored everything 10/10. The only downside was the lack of green juices but I guess I’ll survive …;-)

I live a healthy kife with nutritious food and no alcohol. But there is a part of me who loves desserts and enjoys going all out on a weekend. I usually live after the 80/20 rule.80% nutrition and 20% of wht I want or the soul. Today, the soul needed nutella, vanilla creme and strawberry compote. It was delicious and highly recommend Sheila and I have a weekend in Venice at the end of May and until then, we’re going to focus hard on work.

But today I’m going to rest up. I have a 90 minute massage and a company dinner tonight with Pingis and Nordic Tech House. Pingis and David have moved to a house Djurgården so I’m looming forward to seeing it.

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