My home-office

In collaboration with Fogia

An important part of the house is my home-office. I’ve had offices since I was sixteen, something that might surprise many people. I didn’t actually have a reason for the office but it’s still been important to me. It’s my way to tell my brain to become inspired and that it’s time to work.

My incredible chairs are from here andhere.

I love working in here. Especially when the sun goes down and I can make myself comfortable in my armchair. It’s so comfy and also from Fogia just like the table. It has a glass top on it so you can see what’s underneath. We’ve decided to place a Chanel book as inspiration for work. The carpet is pretty thick which enhances the cozy feeling. It’s from Layered.


The small round black table is also from Fogia.

My advice to those of you who aren’t able to have a home office, is to decorate a part of the home where you feel inspired. It can be something as simple as a certain chair you sit in or a lamp you lit. The power of your mindset is strong. You can teach the brain to recognize that sitting in a certain chair means it’s time to work.

In collaboration with Fogia

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