Friday & Saturday

Yesterday evening, Michaela, myself, Linus and his partner Camilla had dinner in the city. We hung out at Riche and had a fun evening. We talked about work because Linus and I founded Hermine Hold
and Camilla is the company designer. She’s incredibly talented and I’m so grateful to have her onboard. It’s not always certain a partner wants to join a company but it’s working really well. Camilla and Linus might be one of the cooler couples I know. Linus, Michaela and I have a new idea Nordic Tech House might start so we talked about that too. I stayed out longer than usual but fell asleep around half past 1.

My amazing Linus amd Camilla.

I slept until half past 9 this morning and then I had an exercise session with Pontus.

After my exercise session and I had a facial treatment at Lyko Concept Skin. We did a micfoneel treatment with focus on removing old scars and give more shine to the skin.

Emma is incredible! Always amazing results. She always makes my eyebrows look lovely.

I did some shopping at NK after the treatment,I wanted to visit Hermine Hold at the street level and buy my dinner in their new market hall. When I got to NK I was so happy and proud to see Hermine Hold on the sign.

A few people have been asked how to pronounce Hermine Hold and it’s the Swedish way. Hermin. There were questions in the comments if I’m still part of the board and I am. I’m always in the company for the first year and then I hand the reigns over to someone else. I can see how others find the board role interesting but I really don’t like  it. I have too much energy for it. It’s a lot more fun to launch the company in other countries. Such as launching Löwengrip in Sydney and NYC by being there in person.

I had a blood sugar fall around three and found these delicious easter eggs at NK. Their market place is incredible. I bought a skagen mix, bread and ice-cream. The best place in Stockholm for your weekend shop. I’m going to spend my evening but I can’t reveal it to you just yet. 🙂

I hope you’re all doing good. I’m enjoying a calm evening in Stockholm. It’s a weekend with friends, spa, good food (full fridge) and working from home and tomorrow with Nordic Tech House. I try to press on with work I can’t do with the kids around. I always try to max out the weeks when they’re with O ans I think I do a good job at it.

Big hugs.

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