Spring dinner for Clarins

They days go so quickly, it’s amazing! I’ve been hanging out with Dagens Nyheter (Today’s News) for a portrait event, went lunch shopping at Nathalie Schuterman with Sascha and our intern Rebecka ahead of all work-missions in NYC. I’ve had an intern-training for all new products Löwengrip are launching in May (I love, Day Mask and styling product Bounce Back), we’be been cheering for Löwengrip receiving a lot of big orders. We’ve made decisions on the budget for our beauty brand we’re launching soon and then I finished the evening by hosting a spring dinner for Clarins at Hotel Diplomat

Vegan lunch from Pepstop (regular haunt). I love the blazer from Styelin. I always match my outfits with cellphone covers, a simple thing that makes a difference. It sounds complicated but the truth is I usually wear the same colours during the day so you don’t need many … 🙂

Lunch shopping at Schuterman

We bought two skirts and two tops. The skirt above is from Nathalie Schuterman’s own brand. We needed to adjust it a bit because they didn’t have a size 36 but the skirt was absolutely gorgeous. Shopping with Sascha is SO much fun.

So many beautiful clothes!

Ready for Spring Dinner at Clarins at Diplomat. The top is from my collaboration with Stylein for Ellos and the Skirt is also from Styelin.

Coffee drinks from Lavazza.

With Suzanne from Clarins

I was home around nine o’clock (more photos and clips from the dinner at my instastory) and had to work for a bit. But I had chocolate from the home-office. I’m going to bed now. I’m actually super tired.

Sleep tight everyone!

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