Growing together

Friday! I started my morning with exercised at Grand Hotel and then I went home to have a content day with Löwengrip Invest. We also had a lunch with the whole team to talk about what is going on at the moment. I often talk about goals and what I want to achieve and I asked the whole gang to write down their goals which I’d love to help them with. I’d love to take a list with five points on it and help out with reaching them. It can be about travelling, better salary, being able to visit more spas or one of my examples: an evening course in cooking. It’s not all related to work but I see it like this: an evening course in cooking means developing as an individual and do what makes you grow and happy. That also means you will perform better at work. If everyone tries to reach the company goals, I want the company to help employees reach their goals. It’s always been one of my core philosophies. Come work for me, make sure you grow and have fun while you do it.

I love today’s outfit!

We had a campaign with Readly and I talked about how much I use the service. Friday evenings with guilty pleasure is a classic for me. Raw-desserts and gossip. I love those evenings.

Lunch from Reload. Dagens Nyheter (Today’s News) followed me again today, because of the interview. We finished around half past four and and then I decided to enjoy the sunshine. Lovely. I wom’t have any chocolate or read gossip magazines tonight though because I m having dinner with my friends tonight. Fun!

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