Tricky phase in my life

Good morning!

…I have a few butterflies in my body that makes me happy. Everything in my love life has been complicated lately but now things are becoming clearer and I feel brave enough to let go and enjoy the butterflies. I’ll tell you a bit more in the future. I’ve been nervous for a while but I think I’ve made the right choice. Phew. That’s why the blog has been a bit impersonal for a while, I’ve had to focus on work-posts because I don’t know what my personal life will look like. You’ll have to be patient for a while and find out the reason for all work-related posts soon. It’s not easy to update everything daily for hundreds and thousands of people when there’s a real love-circus behind the scenes.

Anyway. Sorry for being a bit cryptic but that’s all I can say right now. Today is a bit of an ”on-the-go” kind of day because I’m running on little sleep (I really couldn’t sleep last night), and I really wanted snacks despite breakfast so I sneaked into Bröd & Salt and bought a sourdough bun with egg and caviar before next meeting. Lovely hang up. But my eyes are so runny, it’s a typical sign of tiredness for me. Today I have interviews, meetings, hairdresser appointment and I’m hosting a dinner for Clarins tonight. Long day but it’s fun with all international brands. I’ve used Clarins Double Serum, Double Wear foundation and their lip gloss/balm Instant light Natural lip for many years and it makes everything a lot more fun of course.

Now I’m going to down a bit of coffee and hit the pause button on everything person and go into work-mode. I’ll talk to you later!

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