All days are important

Today seemed like a quiet day on paper but I keep adding new things so it was actually really busy. But I’ve also learned a lot from today which I really like. I want go accomplish something every day, in numbers, with customers, develop colleague relationship and hit a challenge but had a lot of realizations. If a day goes wrong and doesn’t feel one hundred percent, it is still an important day if you take time to reflect. At the end of every day, I summarize the events what I’ve accomplished or learned. No matter how the day turned out I always finish it with a feeling of gratitude to be an entrepreneur. Everything I do is because of me, I could have lived another life but I never would. Never.

I’m going go attend my last few meetings at the office (I’m wearing a shirt from Andiata and skirt from Ralph Lauren), then I have a lecture followed by a dinner. I’ll talk to you tomorrow! Big hugs

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