Proud of our journey

I’ve had such an efficient day and I’m clocking off satisfied and happy. I wrote a long to-do list on Sunday with things I wanted to accomplish this week and areas to focus on. I managed to finish most of it today and it’s only Tuesday. Imagine what a day at the office can do. I’ve also spent time with my colleagues in the different companies, we have such a lovely energy together. I lack a lot of things as a leader and I know that but I’m good at creating a vision and a feeling that everything is possible. I had a finance meeting with Johan who has worked with me since I was 20 and he said to me with everything I’ve accomplished so far, there’s no doubt I’ll manage the rest. That’s how I feel as well. We’ve built the base and the difficult part is done.

It’s far more difficult to get from zero to one than one to zero.

Regarding Löwengrip Invest we looked at the numbers and last year we had a 7.5 million in turnover and we’ll reach 18 million by June. It’s a hell of a strife. Especially when we were about to go bankrupt a year ago. I remember how Simon brought us into a conference room and we decided to turn things around. Two hours later we had an action plan. We asked the bank for a cheque credit worth half a million for salaries but we never used it. In hindsight, it’s important to experience challenges. That’s how you learn and have an opportunity to grow.

Löwengrip Beauty did the same thing last year. From 47 million to 85 million in turnaround. And from 600 000 to 4 milliom in profit. The same year was mt toughest with handling a personal crisis. Stalker from September to December with over 15 home visits followed by an abrupt end to a relationship with who felt like the love of my life. With all security I needed to escape overseas. Sometimes I still get totally exhausted when I think about it. I haven’t really healed yet and I sometimes feel a deep sorrow and sadness even today. But the numbers show that sometimes being efficient and dive into work during personal struggles works.

Always something.

As soon as I got home (stayed later at the office, I usually do when the kids aren’t home) I put on comfy clothes, ate my dinner in silence and then worked from bed. I’m going to read a book now and then sleep. My body is tired after the this morning’s weight lifting.

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