Office day and lunch suggestions

I woke up happy and excited this morning. I got seven hours of sleep. I had a shower, had breakfast and read the news in peace and quiet. The kids are with Odd this week so it was a very quiet morning. I had a PT session with Pontus at half past eight. Deadlift and bench press. I love the contrasts of wearing heels and dresses and then magnesium and heavy lifts. I’ve been lifting weights for a year now and the results are incredible. I have visible arm muscles which I think is amazing and i feel strong. I haven’t reached all my exercise goals but that’s okay. I’m being kind to myself and I need to consider the circumstances. I travel half the year and don’t have a lot of recovery time and only two session per week with Pontus. Not including the USA weeks. But with that in mind I’m incredibly proud of the results and I feel so good after each session.

The goal with exercising is to keep having it as the base for my life. I won’t ever move that part. I always priortise exercise in my calendar. Nothing is more important. My other goals are to increase the weights get a better technique and become even stronger.

Colleagues from Nordic Tech House
I have a proper office day today. I appreciate the contrasts. It’s raining a bit outside but it’s so cozy to hang out with the colleagues and have internal meetings. We’re moving offices in May which is necessary because it’s getting a bit crammed, Hermine Hold have a different office now because there’s so many of us. We’ve spent the morning listening to Queen and made plans for Simon’s departure. It’s sad but I’m also happy for him. We have a small project to film together ahead of summer which we’ll do as a team. I need a bit of support and I can’t think of anyone better to exchange ideas with. He knows me better than anyone else.

…I’m going to finish my lunch and then have a product meeting with Hannah. I get lunch brought to the office every day (when I’m here) and you know my food phases by now. I’m sold on Dr Mat and I’ve been eating their miso salmon for weeks but today I had their cabbage and curry stew with black rice and then i bought fermented carrots. So delicious. Other food-haunts phases have been Kale & Crave, Pepstop, Body Buddy Café, Lilla Ekot and Ingrid (delicious soup). There are so many simpler and healthy food-haunts in the area.

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