Working on little sleep

Some days, the combination of being a mom and running a company isn’t great. Like tonight when I knew the alarm was set for 04.30 and I had to deal with toilet runs between two kids from midnight until 3AM. I’ve somehow learnt to zoom out from the sleep panic (I remember it from when they were younger, and Gillis struggled with sleep for the first seven months). Now it’s more about trying to shut everything out and resting on the flight. You CAN get through a day with little sleep. I know I’ll get an adrenaline kick during the day and then I’ll probably crash in the evening. I might feel like crying when I get through the door tonight but that just means an early night. I clock off at 9PM and that means sttaight to bed.

The kids slept in my bed so I brought everything with me to the bathroom to wash my hair and get dressed. I was picked up at 5.15 (Lovisa went to sleep with the kids), got a lift to Arlanda where Emelie was waiting for me and helped me get ready. I just finished a delicious caviar sandwich. My body will probably get a shock from all the sugar its not used to but it’s worth it. I’m in an egg and caviar phase. It’s so yummy 🙂

Pingis will get here soon and today we’re flying to Paris for meetings. It’ll just be the two of us today and it’s not often we travsl like that but I like it. Time for strategy.

I hope you have a great Monday and if you’re also sleep deprived at least it might help to know a lot of us are going to the office tired today. My trick is to have more snacks than usual. Make sure you get extra energy in you.

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