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Löwengrip Invest are looking for a COO! Simok is leaving the company after many years which is sad of course but he has made a fantastic journey. Started as my assistant and became a COO, which means he has veen responsible for a lot. He’s been a big support for me ìn my journey and an incredible leader for our team. He’ll always be close to me privately. As for the company, when people decide to leave it gives me an opportunity to rearrange things and I’ve decided to bring in a CEO for Löwengrip Invest. The company is totally owned by me but as you know I’ve been thinking about listing it in the stock exchange. It’ll be lots of fun! The person I’m looking for needs to be a talented economist and be passionate about leading a team of 10 people. We do a lot at Löwengrip Invest but our most important goal is to strengthen my brand internationally. We do that by having commercial collaborations with focus on other markets, PR and several investments.

There’s just women in the company today (except Simon) so I’m actually first and foremost looking for a man to fill the post. You will be a CEO for the whole company group and it’s important that click well. Being a rational, calm and stabil persob makes that more likely. You also need to be prepared to work with an owner who likes to hit the gas and take risks. Löwengrip is my holding company but you have to share the vision about how if I’m eatablished quickly internationally, the company will expand faster. That means part of the job is making sure all companies within the group are synced and that isn’t always easy but it’s fun. I’m going to be the most powerful woman in the world and for that I need a financial right hand person who wants to lead our team and make sure it develops.

You can find the application here!

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