A day in Paris

What a day! I’m actually completely exhausted but I’m still running ln adrenaline and happiness after today so I’m struggling to sleep. The plan is to work for a short while and then read until I fall asleep. Pingis and I met LVMH on behalf of Löwengrip. It’s a huge company who have voiced an intrest in Löwengrip. Do you realise how big that is for us? The odds that they would reach out to us was so small that Pingis and i still can’t quite believe it. It’s our third meeting with them, two in person and one on the phone. Everything has gone really well but I’m almost scared of saying too much. I don’t know what’s going to happen other than that we’ll be meeting again. I’m trying to stay cool about it but it’s not going too well. Usually Pingis and I talk a lot in the car afterwards but today we were both speechless. Did this really happen to us? A second meeting with LVMH?

I wore a suit Styleik created exclusively from Ellos, it’s my Isabella suit that’s going to be launched in September. If it turns out like above I’ll rename it my lucky-suit and will live in it forever.

So much to take in. My younger brother gave me a book about meditation this weekend so I’m trying to focus on that instead. Gah. Goodnight!

  1. Lisa skriver:

    Åh, finaste du! Vad kul at du gillade min blogg,

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