Good quality sleep

In collaboration with Carpe Diem Beds

It’s lovely to come home and unwind in my bed after my journeys. It’s from Carpe Diem Beds and is called Skaftö. The bed is extra large and has plenty of space for me and the kids. It’s like sleeping at a hotel but better. Other than being soft it also shapes after my body which is wonderful for my back. I’ve talked about my sleep before on the blog and I want to talk about it again. When there’s a lot going on in your life sleep is incredibly important. Especially for recovery. I’ve learned that you get a lot more energy if you can sleep 8 hours per night.


I often work from bed and that’s why having a headboard that’s high up and soft is good. It’s called Tornö and I really enjoy leaning againat it. Sometimes I just enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the view from the window for a while. My bed is my safe space. The bed doesn’t just affect sleep but it’s an important design feature too. My bed is covered in fabric from Designer’s Guild and is called Glenville Zinc. The fabric has a beautiful vintage satin look which makes the bedroom feel luxurious. I really like that Carpe Diem Beds have 36 fabrics to choose from.


You can find all beds ar Carpe Diem Beds here.

In collaboration with Carpe Diem Beds

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