This week

I can really feel it’s friday. My brain is exhausted. My body is aching but I think it’s from exercising. My PT Pontus has decided that I’m going to master chins which shocking but heavy. When I picked up the kids we had a hamburger evening (vegetarian). The kids love pickled gerkins and roasted onion and they called out in joy when they saw the bowls on the table. Sometimes you don’t need much. Then we had Friday snacks with chocolate and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the umpteenth time. But we all love it.

Brushing teeth in the kids bathroom

I’ve had a tough, week. Landed from NYC
Jag har haft en tuff vecka. Landed from NYC on Monday (hello jetlag), gave a family member an ultimatum, ended a destructive relationship, a close colleague has decided to change jobs after years of working together and I felt like a dumped 16 year old. I usually always think rationally but I was totally crushed emotionally. But that’s because I like the person as a family member. I visited our neighbouring country, met an incredible CSR candidate, work started in the garden and for the first time in my life i told one of the kids ”please don’t slam the door”. I stressed bedtime after a delayed flight. A clear sign that there’ll be more private flights becuse my goal is to pick up from nursery every day. I don’t want others delays to affect me and decide when I come home. I’ve reached my economic goal and that’s how it’ll be from now on. Goal check.


This week’s list can be made longer but I’ll leave it like this and check out. A cup of tea, reading and then an early bed.

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