Our Saturday

What a day! All three of us slept until half past eight. We were really tired. After a long breakfast together we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and went for a bike ride. We’re so lucky to live like this by the water. We cycled, the kids climbed trees and then we went home again. The kids made waffles with Lovisa at home, and I went to exercise with Pontus. I bought lunch from Kale & Crave and had lunch with the kids at home. After lunch we went to visit my mom. My little sister Julia is turning 19 today.

We have a beautiful footpath by the water below our house. We also have a pier we share with our neighbours and a beach

Afternoon snacks at my mom’s house to celebrate Julia. I love seeing the look in the kids’ eyes when they play with their uncle and auntie. Gillis and Daniel are very similar and sometimes I even call Gilli by Daniel’s name. After we left mom’s house we had dinner at a restaurant in the city. Afterwards we bought Saturday treats and went home. Right now, we’re watching Garfield 2. The kids asked if they could stay up a bit longer today. I’m feeling quite tired and I’m grateful for an unplanned weekend with the kids. I need to recharge and cuddle with them.

Hope you’ve had a good Saturday!

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