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Yesterday was a very successful Hermine Hold launch in Oslo. We had retailers, media, influencers and blog-readers there. What an incredible mix of people! We’d timed the event with our second Hermine Hold launch, yesterday we had new scarves and new hair clips which have been selling really well. Today we have an opportunity to launch a brand within six months. My job is to come up with what we are going to create. Hermine Hold was the first idea and now I have two others in the pipeline. It’s really important to create a successful case to show.

Top Maje and skirt Max Mara

There’s no Hermine Hold without our CEO Katarina Roger. I’m SO grateful that she believed in the idea and wanted to try it. Everything that’s happening with Hermine Hold today isn’t something I’m a part of anymore, everything is because of Katarina and her team. A fantastic gang. But I’m a very proud founder of course.

You can find the new collection here!

I had time for a few short interviews yesterday as well. It’s not my strongest side, creating PR and brand awareness including marketing everything we do. Being more of a creative soul for the whole company group. I have the best job in the world.

Now I have a strategy meeting for Hermine Hold. All co-owners have flown here as well as retailers. I’m going to propose that I remove myself from the board group today. Creating something and then phase out has always been my way of working so that I can give way to more talented people.

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