Last year Obama, this year me

Oh my god what a day in Norway! Fantastically fun but intense and powerful. To be invited by Oslo Business Forum the year after Barack Obama is huge. I was actually nervous when I ws escorted on stage by two big security guards. As soon as I saw the audience I stopped being nervous and had a lot of fun with them. Other than that it’s been a day full of interviews and launching Hermine Hold. Check out my instastory if you want to see more. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow because I have run out of energy.

I landed at half past six, got picked up and went straight to the house and read two bedtime stories for the kids and tucked them into bed. When they fell asleep I listened to their breaths and after a while I went downstairs to see what Anna hade made for dinner.

…Salma salmon, noodle salad and kimchi. Soyamayo and crispy green cabbage. Oh my god so delicious. I’m so grateful to come home to this after a long day. I devoured it in one go. I felt so touched when I sat there by myself and ate dinner in silence (wonderful) I’m so thankful for my fantastic team. Help with the kids, house and food. Without them, I would never have the chance to share stage with Obama. It’s tough to have a career while raising a five and four year old.
Now it’s bedtime!

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