Getting the house ready for spring

In collaboration with Ellos

Those of you who have never shopped with Ellos might be surprised at how varied their stock is. They’ve got everything for clothes, beauty products, electronics and decor. They also have lovely and affordable decor alternatives. I think it’s a lot of fun to update the interior design at home with simple hacks like changing a carpet or curtains. It can make a big difference.

ellos home matta
The other day we got a carpet from Ellos for our hallways. It’s so cozy to have a soft carpet to walk on when you get home. We wanted a cozy and discreet carpet and this was a perfect choice.

Everyone at home are looking forward to warmer weather because it means we’ll have a pool to swim in! Imagine having a morning swim when you wake up! Lovely. Other than the pool, we’re updating our home to make it feel like spring. I’ve given Ida creative freedom to bring in new and fresh details for the house and it’ll look gorgeous.

Ellos home kollage
Satin pillow covers, duvet covers, curtainsnapkins & yellow pillow cover.

Here is a collage Ida put together for design inspiration from Ellos ahead of spring. She’s so talented at decorating, I really trust her judgement. here are some simple tips from her to prepare your house for spring:

  • For spring it’s always nice to have brighter colours and fresh details to make your home feel like the season. You can choose pastel colours!
  • Changing a dark fabric in a room to something brighter makes a big difference. The curtains in the living room cna be changed, the bedding in the bedroom can be updated and changing all the small details and cushions on the sofa gives the room a different feeling.
  • Choose a lightly colored table cloth for all your table settings this spring. Decorate with flowers on the table to enhance the feeling of spring.

Right now, Ellos have a campaign on their whole stock. Here is the code that gives you 30% off on the most expensive item! This is valid for all of Ellos stock. as usual you can find all of my Ellos favourites here!

In collaboration with Ellos

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