Caviar cravings and hair accessories

I’ve had the weirdest cravings for egg and caviar on rye, so when I was able to order it this morning at Pontus in the Air I was happy like a child. I almost yelled out! I get my egg and caviar cravings a few times per year. Yum! Maybe it’s my subconscious that can feel that Easter is coming… 🙂

I arrived at Arlanda 7:30 this morning and went straight to makeup. We always begin with a blowdry (if my hair is wet), that takes 40 minutes so then I have time to read my email and update you. Sascha and Simon will come soon and then we will fly to Oslo. A long but fun day awaits.

It’s a big day for Hermine Hold , we’re releasing new hair grips and barettes at 6pm:

… And during lunch today Hermine Hold will have a launch event in Oslo. The company is growing really fast and we have already received a request for a partial exit. Insane. Lots to think about. But now I’m going to wake up with some coffee (slept too little last night). Wish me luck today with 2000 people in the audience during this afternoon’s stage talk at Oslo Business Forum.

  1. Karen skriver:

    Hei, jeg lurer på om jeg kan få navn og nummer på din flotte røde neglelakk? 😊
    Hilsen Karen

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