The children’s bedroom

In collaboration with Jollyroom

I want to show you the kids’ bedroom which is now finally finished. The bedroom is super cozy with soft colours and textiles. I still think it’s cute that the kids want to fall asleep in the same room as I do, for now. Well they fall asleep in their room and then they usually tip-toe over to my bedroom a bit later which I love. I wonder how long they’ll carry on with that..

barnens sovrum1
You might have noticed that the decor in the kids bedroom is similar to our old house, which I love. We added canopies to make it feel cozier and almost like a den. There’s a little stool between their beds. I usually sit there and read for them before they fall asleep, it’s a relaxing moment for all of us.
The kids only want to read Pippi right now, so that’s what we’re reading every evening. Their lighting is really important and they usually want a light on before they sleep.
They usually pickthe moon.

barnens sovrum2
A cozy detail in the kids’ bedroom is that it’s designed after their height. The bookshelves are an important part of their bedroom and there always has to be space for it. The kids love picking out books to read so that’s why it’s perfect to have the shelves in their own height
Their coathangers were also fitted after their height, it makes it easier and perfect for them when they fetch their bathrobes. They’re so proud of having their own names at the back, it’s really cute! We’re building a walk-in-closet for Sally in the room behind, she’ll be overjoyed.

You can find lots of inspiration to the kids room at Jollyroom’s website

In collaboration with Jollyroom

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