Everything was still there

Sometimes when I come home from a trip and have slept poorly, I worry that everything at the office is failing, that all of it is gone or ruined. That’s why it was so nice to arrive at the office and see that everything is normal. Things are going well and the company is growing. Everyone is happy. Today we’ve had some update meetings, photographed partnerships at Hotel Nobis, and soon it’s time for a lunch meeting with Löwengrip and the product meetings. A pretty nice and calm office day. Tomorrow and Friday are also calm days at the office, and on Thursday I’m flying to Oslo. Hermine Hold will have a launch lunch and then I will speak at Oslo Business Forum.

Content morning at Hotel Nobis. I feel like the coffee from Lavazza could’ve been a part of my outfit today because I’ve been carrying a cup non stop (jetlag). Knitted sweater from Gant, skirt Veronica Virta and heels from Massimo Dutti.

See you tonight! Have a nice Tuesday!

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