Daily life

I picked up the kids just after four o’clock today, I always feel touched when I see Gillis playing with Sally when I pick them up. They were cycling outside. Time has gone by so quickly since Gillis started nursery and until now. He is starting school after summer. We got a place at the school we wanted which feels great. It’s a big decision. When we got home the kids ate Mexican halloumi stew with tortillas while Lovisa and I had portabello mushrooms with spinach and white beans.
We talked about Mexico and practiced simple Spanish words. Always fun with a themed dinner. After that we played with paint (one of those phases right now) and made drawings for auntie Julia who is turning 19 this weekend and then Lovisa and I helped bathe the kids. We watched Paddington and cuddled on the sofa with apples for snacks before bedtime.

I’m going to catch up on evening work now. I usually work from bed or the office. It depends on how much I have to do. It’s a totally normal Tuesday with normal routines. My life is so intense that the ordinary evenings are rare. How bizarre

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