This week’s menu

New week ans that means a new menu for us. This is what we’ll be eating:

You can try zooming in if you wanr to have a look. It’s fun to have chef Anna here. She’s so passionate about food. Just read the above menu. I’m getting hungry again. I’ve been home all day so I saw her when she came by the house at 1PM and then it was full speed ahead in the kitchen until we got home at half past four. We usually eat right before five. We usually stay at the table for an hour. The kids and I like taking our time with food.

Lovisa and I ate spicy cauliflower with broccoli puré, broccoli stoxl and tamarin almonds. The tomatoes were so delicious too. Food is really joy.


Sally got a Cinderella dress from the Disney store in NYC. She loves playing dress up. We spent a long time eating dinner and then did arts and crafts in the kids’ room. I’ve been looking forward to my week with the kids. Finally.

  1. Anna skriver:

    What an amazing menu!! 🙂 Definitely giving me some inspo for the rest of the week!

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