Bella bubble in NYC

I’ve really had an amazing weekend. I went offline and found my Bella-bubble that my psychologist and I talk so much about. I’ve shared and published everything I do on social media for half my life so I’ve been given homework to do things that only I know about. To live a private life and feel that I can. And most of all don’t be afraid of being alone and have time to land. That is of course easier when I’m in cities where no one knows who I am. With that being said, there will not be a total recap of the weekend. But I can tell you that NYC showed off its best side, 17 degrees Celsius and sunshine. I have walked around, enjoyed lunch out, eaten the best pasta in my entire life, bought way too many ice creams because I couldn’t decide what flavour I wanted, and shopped for a baby girl. Pingis is going to become a mother! I’ve downloaded the pregnancy app again and follow everything. I think I’m just as happy about this as Pingis and David… 🙂

A few pictures from the weekend, eating lunch out…

Lovely pasta…

Hotel cozy time

And lots of ice cream from the best place. It was 11pm and there was a looong line to get in. There’s four different toppings behind there I got as well. The box keeps the ice cream cool hehe…

When I landed this morning I went home and took a bath and said hello to Anticimex who’s here to kill a tropical ant that came with me from the Australia/China trip. Euw! Anyway, after that I made the same breakfast that I’ve been eating during my entire US journey. Oats with lots of cinnamon and cardamon, fresh berries, granola, and vanilla quark. They served the oats with some vanilla yoghurt in the US. It probably sounds super weird but it’s SO good.

I’m obsessed.

My skin was unbalanced after all the flights. I chose City Living from Löwengrip that is both calming, soothing, and a deep cleanser. Now I’m going to continue with my phone meetings from bed and then pick up the kids from preschool!

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    Jag har just köpt dina ansiktsprodukter som jag ska testa:) tänkte även fråga dig om du tar som komplement osloskinlab kollagendryck? mvh

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