BoF and Ralph Lauren

Today I almost fell asleep when I was done. So much tension that just let go. A few years ago I could barely speak English, but today I’m doing interviews without being nervous. Of course, I make mistakes sometimes, but I’m able to have a conversation that runs smoothly and that’s a huge improvement for me. Today it feels like we’ve been running around half of Manhattan to meet with journalists and Ralph Lauren for an upcoming campaign.

A pinch myself in the arm moment

It was so much fun to meet Business of Fashion. We grabbed a coffee at Yves in Tribeca. When I was done I laid down on the bed feeling, physically tired. Ten hours back to back. Talk talk talk. The small talk inbetween is the worst, but it’s great that I have Jaclyn here. A true New Yorker. When we were done I went back to Crosby Street, down to a restaurant around the corner and had a quiet dinner by myself. Loved it. Now I’m going to read my emails and then go to bed. What a great day. Tomorrow I have some work, but then I have an unplanned weekend to myself in NYC. How great is that?

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