Natural remedies for calming down

In collaboration with Hemply Balance 

I have to tell you about a new product I’m going to start using, CBD oil. Many of you have probably heard about it before, it’s a big trend in the US. You can use CBD oil in different ways and it reacts with the body’s endocannabiod system, which is what regulates the body so it stays balanced.


At the moment, I need sleeping pills to fall asleep and I’d rather not use them because I prefer natural remedies. I usually try to read to wind down before bedtime but I don’t always have the time. Sometimes, the body can’t relax either because there’s a lot in my head. That’s why I think it’ll be exciting to try the CBD oil because it might help me relax more and fall asleep easier. It’s easy to use sleeping tablets as a way to fall asleep when I’m traveling in and out of diffferent time zones. It becomes a security blanket and that’s why I always look for natural remedies.

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I’ve heard a lot of good about Hemply Balance CBD oil. Their products are free from THC and legal to buy and use. There’s a Swedish conpany in Stockholm who are allowed to sell CBD products in Sweden. Hempty Balance only use ecological products. Oils you can drop into liquid, taste under your tongue, capsules, body creams and powder. I’ll tell you in a few weeks about the results.
Right now you can get 15% off the whole stock with the offercode ISABELLA15, and it’s valid until 4/4 for one purchase. You can find the products here! I’d love to hear your thoughts id you’ve tried it.

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