I had such a cozy night last night. We arrivied at the hotel around 8:30, checked in at Crosby Street Hotel that’s very central in Soho. Then I went for a walk on Prince Street to a health place called Westbourne. It closed at 10 pm (the openeing hours here!) so I went inside and ordered a lovely Farmers Market oatmeal for dinner. It was a delicious granola, berries and yoghurt on top. The best from all worlds. I drank herbal tea and read. I felt happy and peaceful. It’s something about this city that makes me (and many others) feel free.

Cozy corner at Westbourne

I woke up to this view! The rush of happiness! I think you can guess what spot I chose to meditate on. I set alarm at 6:30, had breakfast at the hotel and then hit the gym. I like that routine. After that I took a shower and now I’m about to get styled. Tomorrow I have a press day in NYC, but today I have a photoshoot and campaign filming.

This time the luggage fit into two suitcases. It’s almost always two changes per day, and sometimes more when we are shooting campaigns. But then I’m not home until Monday either.

Big hug!

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