Sephora & Di Digital

It was very exciting to meet Sephora today. They were positive, but we also received some feedback. There’s nothing as important as getting feedback from your buyers, some are nice and offers it generously while others are more quiet. Sephora would like us to focus more on the fact that we’re a Swedish company. We have to think about the best way to go about that. Today it says beauty innovation from sweden underneath Löwengrip, but they would like us to show our Swedish heritage even more. So difficult. We’re going to think about it and come back after summer. It’s challenging my patience when business takes a long time. It took nearly three years before we started selling our products at SAS. My personal goal for Sephora is to do it in half the time. Now let’s do this… 🙂

Let me know if you have any good ideas!

Today’s meeting look

After the meeting I went back to the hotel and was interviewed by Di Digital’s Silicon Valley correspondent Miriam Olsson:

The last time we met I was 20 and was just about to start my magazine. She told me that back then I was already talking about my routines and scheduled way of living. It was fun to hear!

Now it’s almost 7 pm here and I should really discover the city, but it’s raining and would rather take a bath and read in bed. Room service is already on its way. A “vegan & gluten free lentil & artichoke burger”. When in the US… See you tomorrow! Then I’m going to NYC!

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