Breakfast around the world

I woke up happy at 6AM and excited for the day! I got up, meditated and then went downstairs for breakfast. It’s always exciting to have breakfast in different environments across the world, see what kind of people are there (men in their 50s with suits, big briefcases with toast and bacon is the most common) and of course what view I’ll have. Ten days ago it was the French riviera and sunlight at Cap Ferrat and a few days before it was the river in Shanghai. Today it’s beautiful buildings and an ice cream museum in San Francisco.

It seems like it opens in April….!

Omelette with mushroom, fresh berries, pressed carrots and coffee. I love American portions. I facetimed with Sally in the meanwhile. She stayed at home today with because of a fever.

After that I did an exercise seasion at Equinox which is in the same building as the hotel. Very handy. I did a tough stamina session. After that I answered emails and sent text messages to the colleagues in Stockholm. Now I’m off to meetings!

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